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Consulting Services

We are experienced founders, and former CEOs, CTOs and are open and transparent about our client engagements.

We're hands-on, detailed, and strategic. We are passionate and committed to each and every client we work with, and we serve in earnest to help you realize the success you envision as the leader of your business. 

We've founded, built, or consulted dozens of start-ups, early-stage, and later-stage companies so we are confident and measured in our experiences and abilities to serve you. We are also well-positioned with remarkable relationships, partnerships, and loyal friends and resources that we trust who work with us,

Our network and friendships are as strong as we are. 


We've planned, built, funded, consulted, managed, or exited technology, market, and industry solutions and services spanning multiple industries. Chances are, we likely know your vertical well enough to bring the value you need. However, if we do not know your industry, we'll be upfront and let you know and do our best to help you in every way we can, should we engage. 

As we are currently active founders and/or senior leaders in our own companies, new Clients are accepted on a limited basis. We've worked with many founders and our time is always in demand.  We promise to do the best we can to make things work, should we engage.  


Helping founders and company leadership is in our DNA. So rest assured, once we do engage, we will put in the time necessary to ensure we deliver the value that we promise. 

We look forward to hearing from you, and can't wait to help you achieve your dreams. 



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Monthly Retainer*

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Formative Planning, Blueprint

Ideation through formative planning, including a product, platform or business model blueprint, is a daunting endeavor for not only first-time entrepreneurs, but for anyone starting a business. Even seasoned founders and entrepreneurs know that a repeat of your last success is not guaranteed. 

We specialize in understanding vision and working through our formulaic process to integrate your start-up intent and objectives, and working with you to craft a structured plan in the formation of your start-up, and technologically, mapping a core blueprint of your product vision.


Every start-up or early-stage business is different, no matter the vertical, market, or industry. Even same-market businesses have different strategies and modeling. However, common to each will be an intrinsic dependency on technology to operate, succeed or scale. 

We specialize in helping resolve the technology architecture as either a business solution or product across both operations and delivery. Having worked with dozens of businesses from Fortune 500 to pre-launch start-ups, we can help most anyone resolve how to go from POC, Beta or an existing application, to a native cloud solution at scale.  


StackIQ founders each have over 25 years of technology, business, and people experience, with over half of that in start-up and early-stage businesses, and host a sizable network of business, finance, legal, technology, and market resources. We tap into those as needed to support each client project and will always make additional resources available as needed. 

Go-to-Market, Launch Strategy

Getting a product or service to market tends to be one of the greatest challenges for start-ups. From financial modeling, raising capital, and product delivery, to marketing, market-fit, channel management, and customer acquisition. Our experience is broad in having done this ourselves with numerous products and services, and we do our best to help solve the strategic planning and tactical steps you will need to take to make your go-to-market and launch a success. 

Growth, Scaling

Growing a start-up once launched can be a daunting task as most founders and leadership teams lack the experience and know-how. Efficient growth and effective scaling mean planning the right steps necessary to accomplish proper scaling and doing so at a network effect of low cost-efficiencies. We work with founders and their leadership teams to evaluate, identify and accurately program the steps necessary to achieve this. 

Capitalization, Funding

Funding your start-up is not entirely about pitch decks, getting in front of VCs, or being the hottest start-up story. It is about understanding what investors need to see from your business financially, and presenting a securities offering that is compliant, proper, and protects your equity in the fullest sense of the word. Getting you and your leadership trained and educated on the legal and compliant processes of correctly raising capital or debt financing to solve bringing your business to the next level, is a must-do for every business seeking funding in private capital markets. Founders should never give up substantial equity for capital, which is why we recommend every Founder undergo the EPEC Program™ we have co-developed at Commonwealth Capital, to help you effectively solve your capital funding without losing your shirts as founders, and set you on a clear and solid path to a successful IPO. 


  • Technology Services

  • Communications & Entertainment

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Automotive & Transportation

  • ​Financial & Professional Services

  • Design & Engineering 

  • Manufacturing

  • Online Retail

Specialized Advisory Services

If what you're looking for is not covered above, we would love to hear your challenge and see if it's a fit for our services, and determine a resolution with you on a no-charge consultation call.. Just click on the "Get Started" button below, and we'll get a time set up to discuss.

* Monthly Retainer may be negotiable with the client based on time commitment, services, and engagement terms. 

Click below to fill in a brief survey to help us better understand your needs and the best time for us to talk. 

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